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It’s not a good feeling to walk into final negotiations to buy a home without knowing exactly which areas of discussion need to be prioritized in order to secure a protected investment. That’s why at Purpose Home Services we will do everything we can to advance your knowledge about your prospective home’s condition, ensuring that you’re able to move forward with certainty in your decision and confidence in what will come next in your life as a new homeowner.

Home Inspector Marktez Harrell

Experience Far and Wide Throughout the

Real Estate Industry

Trying to securely invest in residential or commercial real estate can be difficult for those who haven’t gone through the process many times over, and it’s highly recommended to choose a home inspector who has direct experience in several different facets of the industry.

Marktez is a home inspector who fits the bill. Having spent over 10 years as a real estate agent and property manager and now an esteemed property inspector. Marktez  started Purpose Home Services to help people make investment decisions they’ll still be proud of many years down the road, and with his well-rounded knowledge of the industry, you can count on him to provide trustworthy knowledge that will help keep your interests protected.

 In his free time, Marktez loves to play sports, exercise, cook, and spend quality time with his family. Marktez also enjoys keeping himself busy with various home improvement projects.


Open Communication and Friendly Customer Service

Home Inspectors Who Care

  • The prospective buyer or seller of the home is welcome to join our inspectos while we conduct a full investigation into the home’s condition—allowing us to present findings in person while also facilitating a question and answer session while the client is available on-site
  • If you’re having trouble freeing up a weekday when you can be present for the inspection, you have the option of scheduling weekend and evening appointments
  • No matter how many weeks go by, you can still call Purpose Home Services with any questions you have about the home’s condition—because at Purpose Home Services, we pride ourselves in being there for you when you need us
Certified Professional Home Inspector Marktez


At Purpose Home Services, our home inspections will help you stay one step ahead, enabling you to approach a final real estate transaction with confidence and a much clearer idea of what to expect in the immediate and extended future. Contact us today to request an inspection.

Contact us to ask about our hero discount for first responders, doctors, nurses, teachers, and members of the United States military.

Home inspections start at just $300. Weekend and evening appointments are available. We accept online payments.